True to club colors

Groupama Arena is home to Ferencvárosi TC, one of Hungary’s oldest and most popular soccer teams. Guarding the entrance is a bronze eagle clutching a soccer ball, symbolizing the passion for the sport shared by the fans who cheer on their home squad. Now they have double reason to be proud: their stadium is the greenest in Hungary, with the club’s signature colors displayed in every detail right down to the elevator operating panels. KONE’s solutions play an important role in getting fans to their seats for the game.

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Winning team

At the end of 2014, KONE had over 47,000 employees globally. Most of them are on the field every day, serving our customers in close to 60 countries. We want KONE to be a great place to work and to inspire, engage, and develop our employees to deliver great results.

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The trends that shape our world

The global demographic structure is changing. Economic growth translates into higher standards of living for a larger part of the world. The number of people classified as middle-income earners is expected to grow by 2.7 billion by 2030. At the same time the world’s population is aging. These two trends result in higher demands on housing and raise the importance of accessibility in urban infrastructure.

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KONE begins installation activities at Kingdom Tower construction site

Last year, KONE and Jeddah Economic Company jointly announced their partnership which will see KONE provide all elevators and escalators inside the Kingdom Tower building, the world’s tallest building-to-be once completed in 2018. KONE has now initiated the very first phases of its elevator installations at the impressive construction site in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

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Sustainable urbanization - myth or reality?

KONE's stakeholder magazine tackles the question.

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