Dedication to people flow

KONE employs over 15,000 service technicians globally. Their dedication to ensure smooth people flow in cities is being put to the test every day in different parts of the world. They are not just fixing things but ensuring ahead of time that everything works, day in, day out, throughout the lifecycle. 

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KONE supports UN's Global Goals

Sustainable practices have been an integral part of KONE’s business for many years. Every day, our people flow solutions help to address the challenges created by urbanization, climate change, demographic change and increased safety demands – all of which are covered in the new UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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The trends that shape our world

The global demographic structure is changing. Economic growth translates into higher standards of living for a larger part of the world. The number of people classified as middle-income earners is expected to grow by 2.7 billion by 2030. At the same time the world’s population is aging. These two trends result in higher demands on housing and raise the importance of accessibility in urban infrastructure.

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A tale of three cities

”Many historic buildings in Shanghai’s Bund have been converted into modern day usage,” says Bill Johnson, KONE’s EVP for Greater China. He’s one of the three KONE executives who share in an interview with KONE’s People Flow Magazine why their hometowns have different answers to the question of urban renewal.

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Sustainable urbanization - myth or reality?

KONE's stakeholder magazine tackles the question.

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