KONE’s values

Our values guide the behavior of our personnel towards achieving our strategy. KONE’s values are:

Delighting the Customer

Our customers’ success is our goal. We work for and with them to identify and deliver solutions that exceed expectations. We stay with them for the total life cycle of our products and services and ensure the safety of users and our people.

Energy for Renewal

We are energized by the drive for continuous improvement. We anticipate and adapt to changing

requirements and constantly seek ways to work smarter. We welcome new ideas with an open mind.

Passion for Performance

We keep our promises. We drive new ideas to realization with speed and an obsession for customer-driven quality. We thrive on challenges and take pride in our “can do” attitude.

Winning Together

We can win only by working together. We encourage participation, and we share information and ideas. We trust and respect each other and recognize good performance. Our behavior is characterized by the highest ethical standards.