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Antti Herlin's ownership represents over 50 percent of KONE Corporation's voting rights. Antti Herlin therefore exercises controlling power in KONE Corporation. In the shareholder table, the shares owned by KONE Corporation are displayed on their own row and are not included in the shares controlled by Antti Herlin.

Excluding Antti Herlin's ownership, shareholders are not grouped in the table below. The table does not include nominee-registered shareholders. The Shareholders list is updated monthly.

Note that the archived information from before December 2013 is not split-adjusted. The latest split of the KONE share occurred in December 2013 with the ratio 1:2. For information on previous share splits, see dividends and splits.

Antti Herlin's ownership in Holding Manutas represents 1.1 percent of the shares and 12.8 percent of the voting rights and together with the ownership of Security Trading, company in which he exercises controlling power, his ownership represents 51.0 percent of the shares and 62.7 percent of the voting rights. The total number of KONE class B shares owned by Security Trading Oy is 8,183,016 shares when taking into account the 200,000 shares that have been stock loaned.

Antti Herlin's ownership in Security Trading Oy represents 99.9 percent of the shares and 99.8 percent of the voting rights.