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This is how we deliver

From initial planning, development and construction through to final delivery and beyond, you can trust in KONE to help you reach your goal: a building to be proud of.

Why work with KONE?


Our services and solutions will support you through every step of your project.


We have everything you need for smooth people flow in your building.


For more than a century we’ve been excelling at projects ranging from affordable housing to the world’s tallest buildings.

Solutions for new buildings

Elevator solutions

KONE offers innovative and eco-efficient passenger and goods elevators for all types of buildings, from low and mid-rise structures to the world’s tallest skyscrapers.

We provide solutions which ease the flow of people and goods in new buildings, as well as those where the elevators need modernizing and existing buildings without elevators.

Find out more about the solutions available in your country on your local KONE website.

Escalators and autowalk solutions

KONE escalators and autowalks set industry standards for safety, eco-efficiency, and visual design. Their high quality and reliability translate into a low total cost of ownership over their operational lifespan.

Our flexible solutions serve all types of environments, both indoor and outdoor, from small and large commercial centers, offices and hotels, to busy transport hubs that operate around the clock.

Find out more about the solutions available in your country on your local KONE website.

Automatic door solutions

Our building door solutions are designed to ensure the smooth, efficient, and safe flow of people and goods in and out of all types of buildings, from transit centers to residential and office buildings, as well as medical, commercial, and educational facilities. KONE’s new turnstile solutions further enhance security, guidance, and convenience in your building.

Together with our building door and other solutions, including access and destination control, elevators, and escalators, they help people move around your building safely, comfortably, and without waiting.

Find out more about the solutions available in your country on your local KONE website.

People Flow Intelligence solutions

KONE People Flow Intelligence is a comprehensive range of flexible solutions designed to meet the changing needs of modern buildings.

It includes solutions for access and destination control, as well as information communication and equipment monitoring – all based on KONE’s industry-leading technology. Learn more about our People Flow Intelligence solutions by watching the video

KONE Services


  • Expert advice on equipment selection and planning
  • Easy-to-use online tools – CAD and BIM models, traffic analysis, elevator interior design
  • Energy consumption calculations


  • Professional project management
  • Time and cost-efficient installation methods
  • Comprehensive testing and quality assurance before handover


  • Customized solutions that meet your needs exactly
  • Instant online access to maintenance data
  • Equipment assessment and asset management planning

KONE Websites worldwide

Find out more about the solutions available in your country and find the local contact information on your local KONE website.


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