Our goal is zero accidents

Safety is an integral part of KONE’s strategy and a cornerstone of our business. For this reason, we have defined it as our highest priority. Our ultimate goal – for all of our employees, users of our equipment, and partners – is zero accidents. We work towards achieving it by continuously developing our people and processes, working together with our partners, and actively communicating with users about the safe use of equipment.

Learn about elevator and escalator safety with Max & Bob

A digital game and animation featuring our safety mascots Max and Bob teach children how simple, everyday considerations can make a big difference in staying safe when using elevators and escalators.

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Little things matter in safety

It’s just an untied shoelace, but it might be a problem if it gets stuck in the wrong place. At KONE, we design our solutions with safety as the top priority.

Nevertheless, we should all pay attention to the little things.

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Safety at work

Safety is integrated into all of our processes, and we focus on making sure each of our employees has the necessary competence to perform their work professionally and safely.

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Safety highlights 

• KONE's ultimate goal is zero accidents. 
• In 2014, our industrial injury frequency rate (IIFR) was 2.8 – a reduction of 9% from the previous year
• In our annual employee survey, Pulse, the question about KONE’s commitment to employee safety again received a very high score in 2014.