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Capital management

KONE aims to manage its capital in a way that supports the profitable growth of operations by securing an adequate liquidity and capitalization of the group at all times. The target is to maintain a capital structure that contributes to the creation of shareholder value.

Risk management

KONE’s Risk Management function coordinates and develops a systematic assessment of risks and opportunities within core business planning and decision-making processes together with the Strategy Development function.

KONE continuously assesses the risks and opportunities related to its business environment, operations and financial performance in order to limit unnecessary or excessive risks. In addition, KONE’s units and functions systematically identify and assess, as part of the strategic planning and budgeting processes, the risks that can threaten the achievement of their business objectives. Key risks are reported to the Risk Management function, which facilitates the risk management process and consolidates the risk information to the Executive Board. The Executive Board assigns the ownership of identified risk exposures to specific functions or units. The Board of Directors reviews the KONE risk portfolio regularly on the basis of the Executive Board’s assessment.

The Risk Management function is also responsible for administering the global insurance programs. The Treasury function manages financial risks centrally according to the KONE Treasury Policy.