Intuitive movement – powered by data

KONE People Flow Planning and Consulting helps you to create buildings with seamless people flow. We gather and analyze data and simulate reality to get insights into what works and what doesn’t – and why.

Decisions based on accurate data mean a better user experience for everyone. We work closely with you to analyze how your building handles the flow of people and help it achieve its full potential.

Why work with KONE?

Accurate information for investment planning

Instead of basing investment decisions on opinions, you can justify them with meaningful insights based on real data.

A better user experience

Effortless navigation, shorter travel times, and no bottlenecks or crossflows all add up to an improved user experience.

No more guesswork

Our recommendations are based on proven data models and accurate sensor data gathered in real-world situations.

Negotiate more effectively with customers and partners

Get full control over your assets with valuable insights into how customers, visitors, and building staff interact with them.

A dedicated team of experts at your service

A dedicated team of experts at your service

Creating good people flow takes a combination of solid data and expert insights. Our experts first develop an understanding of how people move around your building and then use these insights to optimize the people-flow design.

Holistic thinking for smarter buildings

To keep people moving smoothly, buildings need to be functional, easy to navigate, and able to adapt to changing needs.

Effortless people flow requires meticulous planning – this is where our experts and advanced tools come in.

Tailored professional support


Building traffic calculation and planning support

We use established analysis to provide architects, consultants, and developers with a clear recommendation for the optimal equipment configuration. Our services follow relevant global and local standards such as ISO, CIBSE, and BCO.

Advanced vertical analysis and planning support

Modernization offers a tremendous opportunity to improve the overall people flow in a building. Our advanced analysis techniques eliminate guesswork by using real data gathered by sensors to capture the true traffic profile of your building. This allows us to identify the most suitable modernization solutions.


Comprehensive building traffic analysis and consultation

Our holistic approach combines science with design. We can use both qualitative and quantitative data to uncover rich insights for existing buildings or designs that are still on the drawing board.

Seeing is believing, so we base our approach on strong data points, high-quality sensors, and tailored 3D simulations.

What you get

Using a combination of expert analysis, hard data, and world-class analysis tools, we conduct holistic vertical and horizontal people flow analysis and planning that supports the design of a new development or helps determine the right modernization approach for an existing building.

How we work

  1. Prepare a people flow analysis of the building plans or an existing building
  2. Identify challenges and pain points such as potential people flow bottlenecks and areas where navigation and/or guidance is challenging
  3. Define the right equipment configuration for the current and intended use
  4. Validate the building design to ensure the best possible people-flow experience, taking into account different user groups such as staff, visitors and VIPs, and people with restricted mobility
  5. Provide clear recommendations to enable a seamless people-flow experience.

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