KONE Sustainability Report 2017

KONE 2017 | SUSTAINABILITY REPORT Providing the most sustainable offering 26 G4 INDICATORS RELATED TO THIS SECTION G4 EN1: Materials used by weight or volume G4-EN7: reductions in energy requirements of products and services G4-EN27: Extent of impact mitigation of environmental impacts of products and services G4-PR1: Percentage of significant product and service categories for which health and safety impacts are assessed for improvement G4-PR5: Results of surveys measuring customer satisfaction G4-PR9: Monetary value of significant fines for non-compliance with laws and regulations concerning the provision and use of products and services PROVIDING THE MOST SUSTAINABLE OFFERING KONE is passionate about safety and quality. Safety is a joint effort that involves everyone, from technology and maintenance owners to equipment users. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS RELATED TO THIS FOCUS AREA Elevators, escalators and automatic building doors are everywhere, and the safety of the millions of people who use them is our first priority. In addition, the quality and eco- efficiency of our solutions are critical. Quality is embedded in everything we do, as we strive to deliver the best customer and user experience. Eco-efficient solutions are a must in combatting climate change and responsible consumption.