KONE Sustainability Report 2017

KONE 2017 | SUSTAINABILITY REPORT Providing the most sustainable offering 30 ENERGY EFFICIENT SOLUTIONS AND LIFE CYCLE THINKING The most significant environmental impact of KONE’s business relates to the amount of electricity used by KONE’s solutions during their lifetime. KONE is a pioneer in developing eco-efficient solutions in the elevator and escalator industry. The KONE Mono- Space®500, our current machine-room- less volume elevator, is up to 90% more energy efficient than KONE’s elevators from the 1990s. Elevators and escalators currently in operation are aging, especially in Europe. Equipment over 20 years is expected to increase from 2.2 million units to 3.2 by 2020, representing 60% of the European equipment base (Source: European Lift Association ELA). Elevator modernization can bring vast energy savings. According to the Energy Efficiency of Elevators and Escalators (E4) study supported by the European Com- mission, energy savings of up to 63% can be achieved by modernizing elevators installed in 1985 or earlier with the best available 8,000 7,000 6,000 5,000 4,000 3,000 2,000 1,000 0 KONE's current volume elevator is up to 90%more energy efficient than in the 90s Annual energy consumption (kWh/year) Current KONE MonoSpace® 500 2008 KONE MonoSpace 1996 KONE MonoSpace 90s KONE elevators 3% annual carbon footprint reduction target relative to net sales 1. Supporting green building design Calculating our products’ energy use and enabling green building construc- tion. We publish the environmental impact of KONE products and con- tribute to developing global energy management standards. 3. Efficient maintenance processes Using smart technologies and a green vehi- cle fleet to minimize emissions and maxi- mize efficiency. Remote monitoring solutions reduce unnecessary technician callouts. By carrying optimized spare part stocks in our vehicles we reduce warehouse visits, further decreasing emissions. 4. Eco-efficiency through modernization Applying a range of solutions to make the biggest difference with the lowest possible environmental impact. Our modernization solutions range from retrofitting LED lights to a completely new elevator with ener- gy-regeneration technology. 2. Eco-efficient installation Considering the environment when install- ing new equipment. Our well-planned and efficient installation processes minimize the adverse environmental impacts of installa- tion work and our systems ensure we reduce our chemical use and handle waste effi- ciently on site. Eco-efficiency in every phase of a building’s life cycle Up to 70% energy savings by modernizing an elevato r technology. On the European level this would amount to 11.6 TWh of saved energy. Eco-efficiency in every phase of a building’s life cycle We provide services that help our custom- ers achieve their eco-efficiency goals in every phase of their buildings’ life cycle – from designing and constructing buildings to maintaining and modernizing them. We pay careful attention to the way our ser- vices are produced and delivered to ensure that they are environmentally efficient. Calculation is based on: Speed: 1 m/s, load: 630 kg. Since 2008 also: 150,000 starts per year, travel height 9 m, 4 floors Due to historical reasons, the data for starts, travel height and floors is not avail- able for the 1990s elevators.