Modernization - a tale of three cities

The world’s population is aging rapidly. This demographic change increases the importance of accessibility in buildings. Regardless of market, elevator and escalator modernization are important issues in today’s cities where urban infrastructure is aging. Be it the conservative skyline of Paris, Chicago’s balanced landscape, or the rapidly urbanizing Shanghai, different modernization solutions are needed.

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Future Cities

Meet KONE at CTBUH’s one-of-a-kind conference “Future Cities: Towards Sustainable Vertical Urbanism” in Shanghai from September 16 – 19, 2014. The conference, which is organized by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, will be attended by the world’s leading building owners, developers, contractors, architects, planners, engineers, policy makers and other key stakeholders.

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Doing our bit: KONE 2013 Corporate Responsibility Report out

At KONE, corporate responsibility is embedded in our organizational culture. It is how we treat each other and our stakeholders, how we take the environment into account in all of our actions, and how we foster economic performance now and in the future. In the newly released Corporate Responsibility Report we tell more about our approach to sustainability.

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New turnstile solution for smoother, smarter people flow

With ever-increasing levels of urbanization around the world, there is strong pressure to make cities, and the buildings within them, work smarter. To this end, we have launched a new turnstile solution, KONE turnstile 100, that will improve security, guidance, and convenience in buildings of all kinds.

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Modernization mindset

KONE's customer magazine People Flow features the latest on aging and modernization.

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