See for miles around

Breathtaking. That’s how visitors describe the awe-inspiring elevator ride on the world’s largest and fastest suite of panoramic elevators in in London’s Leadenhall Building. In 30 seconds the view from the street-level expands in a colourful panorama over London and its historic surroundings.

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KONE published its Financial Statements 2015

KONE published its Financial Statement Bulletin for the January 1 - December 31, 2015 accounting period on Thursday, January 28. The Financial Statements for 2015 were published on the same day. 

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Keeping megacities on the move

A metropolis is like a giant sprawling organism. Every artery must pump in synchronized flow, or else the system grinds to a halt. We met service technician Steve Cule at New York City's Madison Square Garden and three of his colleagues who keep megacities' critical organs functioning.

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New rules of the game

Digitalization has the power to transform industry, improve quality and bring innovations to the market more quickly. Antti Koskelin, CIO at KONE explains in the latest issue of People Flow how and why KONE is shaping its operations to make the most of the biggest trend in business.

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Reference of the month

Seven million visitors annually are expected to enter the spectacular arch of The Netherland's new indoor food market  ̶  Markthall Rotterdam.

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The game changer

Our stakeholder magazine explains how we are riding the digital wave.

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