KONE is proud to present these selected achievements from around the world.

180 Brisbane, Australia

‘One of its kind’ – perhaps the best four words to describe Brisbane’s newest premium office building 180 Brisbane. KONE’s unique people flow solutions complement 180 Brisbane’s exclusive and distinctive appearance.

Year 2015
Location Brisbane, Australia
Solutions 15 KONE MiniSpace™ elevators, 4 KONE MonoSpace® elevators, KONE Polaris™ Destination Control System, KONE E-Link™ monitoring system, KONE Care™ Maintenance Service, 6 KONE TravelMaster™ 110 escalators

Greenland Puli Center - Jinan, China

The Greenland Puli Center heralded the era of skyscrapers in China’s ancient city of Jinan, fondly known as the ‘Spring City’. This spiraling 300-meter super tall and high-end commercial complex with a shopping mall and an office tower had to keep the flow of people seamless – just like water.

Year 2015
Location Jinan, China
Solutions 24 KONE MiniSpace™ elevators, 2 KONE MonoSpace® elevators, KONE E-Link™ Monitoring and Command System

The new Otkrytiye Stadium, Moscow

The new Otkrytiye Stadium, home to Europe’s iconic soccer team Spartak Moscow, is an eye-catching sporting arena that can host over 45,000 spectators. Naturally, a massive structure of this scale needs vertical transportation solutions of epic proportions. But the key is also high-quality and visually appealing equipment that goes with its grandeur.

Year 2014
Location Moscow, Russia
Solutions 4 KONE MonoSpace® 700 elevators, 10 KONE TranSys elevators, 6 KONE MonoSpace® 500 elevators, 2 KONE TravelMaster110 escalators, KONE Care™ Maintenance Service

Sky Tower Auckland, New Zealand

An extremely busy, iconic tourist destination in New Zealand wanted to have people flow solutions with modern technology and energy efficiency - one that promises a world-class experience to its visitors. KONE was an obvious choice for the tallest man-made structure in the southern hemisphere – The Sky Tower.

Year 2015
Location Auckland, New Zealand
Solutions 3 KONE ReGenerate™ 800, KONE Polaris™ Destination Control System, 1 KONE Long travel ReGenerate™ 800 service elevator, KONE UltraRope™ technology, KONE ReNova™ KONE ReVive™

One Bloor, Toronto

Life had to be in the fast lane for one of Toronto’s most sought-after residential addresses - the 75-story condominium tower named One Bloor East in downtown Toronto that found a perfect partner in KONE to complete its ambitious new address on time.

Year 2016
Location Toronto, Canada
Solutions 2 KONE JumpLift elevators, 6 KONE EcoSystem MR™ elevators, 4 KONE MonoSpace® elevators, 1 KONE EcoSpace™ elevator, 2 KONE TravelMaster™ 110 escalators, KONE JumpLift system

Markthal Rotterdam

Seven million visitors annually are expected to enter the spectacular arch of Rotterdam’s new indoor food market ̶ Markthal Rotterdam. Under a futuristic dome decorated with 3D images of food, customers go one-stop shopping for fresh organic produce from more than 100 stalls, or grab a bite at any of the dozens of specialty eateries.

Year 2014
Location Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Solutions 17 KONE MonoSpace® Special elevators, 8 KONE freight elevators, 10 KONE TravelMaster™ 110 escalators, 17 operators for sliding doors, KONE Care™ Maintenance Service

Leadenhall Building

122 Leadenhall is a building of global firsts, boasting the world’s largest and fastest suite of panoramic elevators. But the real stunner is the design – nothing comparable has ever been attempted before.

Year 2014
Location London, UK
Solutions 24 KONE MiniSpace™ scenic elevators, 2 KONE MiniSpace™ elevators, 6 KONE TransitMaster™ 120 escalators, 2 customized platform lifts, KONE Polaris™ Destination Control System, KONE E-Link™ monitoring system

KONE Kunshan Test Tower

Whatever the future of high-rise technology might hold, this is where you’ll see it first. The Kunshan Test Tower is purpose-built for a single mission: testing elevators to make them better, smarter and faster. Welcome to the Silicon Valley of high-rise technology. The KONE Park manufacturing and R&D center in Kunshan, China is where cutting-edge high-rise innovations undergo rigorous testing.

Year 2015
Location Kunshan, China
Solutions KONE Double Deck elevators, KONE UltraRope™ technology, KONE 4 m/s service elevator for R&D activities, A variety of new KONE solutions will be tested in the reconfigurable elevator shafts

M/S Norwegian Getaway

Accommodating nearly 6,000 passengers and crew on seven-day cruises out of Miami, USA, the Norwegian Getaway is a triumph of technology and efficiency. In the marine industry, reliability is the gold standard. We deliver on this through on-time delivery and relentless commitment to quality.

Year 2014
Solutions 14 KONE MiniSpace™ elevators, 16 KONE MonoSpace® elevators, Gangway button solution for elevators, 2 KONE escalators, KONE E-Link™ monitoring system, KONE InfoScreen displays

Phoenix International Media Center

As awe-inspiring as the mythical bird after which it is named, Beijing’s Phoenix Media Center lifts China into an unprecedented era in steel innovation.

Year 2014
Location Beijing, China
Solutions 15 KONE MonoSpace® elevators, 7 KONE TravelMaster™ 110 escalators, KONE E-Link™ monitoring system, KONE Care™ Maintenance Service

UniCredit Tower

After a long period of decline, Milan’s Porta Nuova district has undergone a dramatic makeover in what is widely hailed as Italy’s biggest-ever urban revitalization scheme. A cluster of stunning skyscrapers adds a unique edge to the skyline as the city hosts Expo Milano 2015.

Year 2012
Location Milan, Italy
Solutions 13 KONE MiniSpace™ elevators, 18 KONE MonoSpace® Special elevators, 3 KONE TranSys™ elevators, 8 KONE TransitMaster™ escalators, KONE Polaris™ Destination Control System, KONE E-Link™ monitoring system, KONE Care™ Maintenance Service

Citigroup Centre

KONE maintains the elevators in this premium office tower in the heart of Sydney.

Year 2011
Location Sydney, Australia
Solutions 23 KONE passenger elevators, 2 KONE car park elevators, 1 KONE freight elevator, KONE Care™ Maintenance Service, On-site service technicians for 12 hours on weekdays
Citigroup Centre

The Shard

The Shard’s visually stunning exterior has transformed the cityscape of London.

Year 2012
Location London, UK
Solutions 15 KONE MiniSpace™ elevators, 2 KONE MonoSpace® elevators, 13 KONE DoubleDeck elevators, 3 KONE hydraulic elevators, 3 KONE TransitMaster™ 150 escalators, 2 KONE EcoMaster™ 130 Escalators, 5 KONE JumpLift construction time elevators

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