Building a winning team

KONE's personnel strategy aims to ensure the availability, engagement, motivation and continuous development of our employees. We strive to foster a collaborative culture where co-workers trust and respect each other and leaders inspire people to deliver the best results. One of the company's strategic targets is to make KONE a great place to work.

An equal opportunity approach

Diversity is important to us. All our employees have the right to a safe, healthy working environment where discrimination is prohibited and personal well-being promoted. 

A Winning Team of True Professionals

In 2014, we defined A Winning Team of True Professionals as one of our five development programs. It focuses on ensuring that our people perform at their best, on developing field competences, and attracting the best talent to join KONE.

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Ethical business practices

Our global presence makes it crucial to ensure that clear rules and guidance for ethical business practices are in place and easily accessible to all our employees.

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KONE Sustainability Report 2015

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91% of KONE employees shared their feedback through the Pulse employee survey in 2014.