KONE People Flow Intelligence solutions

Our comprehensive range of flexible solutions is designed to meet the changing needs of modern buildings.

Based on industry-leading technology, KONE People Flow Intelligence comprises solutions for access and destination control, as well as information communication and equipment monitoring.

KONE access solutions - Enhanced security and people flow

KONE Access™ is a fully scalable solution that gives you complete control over building access. Our highly flexible system:

  • lets you manage tenant and visitor access throughout your building 
  • can be fully integrated with elevators and building doors 
  • provides maximum security while ensuring smooth people flow 
  • adapts to your changing needs

For even greater flexibility, KONE elevator systems can also be integrated with any third-party access control system.

KONE destination solutions - Optimized elevator performance

The KONE Polaris™ destination control system can significantly improve convenience in your building while boosting elevator traffic handling capacity and performance. KONE Polaris can:

  • guide passengers to the most appropriate elevator 
  • improve comfort by eliminating overcrowding 
  • reduce travel times and unnecessary stops

Our new touchscreen destination operating panel ensures an effortless user experience while KONE RemoteCall™ allows users to make elevator calls directly from their mobile device.

KONE information solutions - Clear guidance and effective communication

KONE InfoScreen provides a quick and easy way to deliver multimedia and web-based information, and improve guidance in your building.

  • Screens can be located in elevators and on landings 
  • Visual design harmonized with KONE signalization range 
  • Effective channel for displaying safety and building-related information, as well as advertisements 
  • Premium configuration enables remote updates of multiple screens via a computer-based management interface

KONE monitoring solutions - Easy remote monitoring and control

KONE E-Link™ enables remote monitoring and configuration of all your elevator and escalator equipment from a single location. This comprehensive and easy-to-use solution allows you to:

  • monitor your equipment in real time 
  • control and shut down equipment remotely 
  • record and store data for later analysis 
  • review equipment use statistics and availability status

See KONE People Flow Intelligence solutions in action

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