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Bangkok never stops

Meet Sutee Sopajaree, KONE’s service technician in Bangkok, who maintains elevators in one of the city’s big residential complexes. This is the 3rd story in our series on ’Keeping megacities on the move’.

Bangkok in safe hands
Bangkok in safe hands
Bangkok in safe hands
Sopajaree and his team maintain 182 units across Bangkok

The Thai metropolis is reliant on elevators to maintain its nonstop momentum. “My role is very important in keeping our megacity’s wheels greased,” says KONE Service Supervisor Sutee Sopajaree. He and his team take care of 182 units for 15 major customers around Bangkok, one of which is ‘The River’, an exclusive 868-apartment riverfront residential complex on Chao Phraya River, where 1,500 residents are served by 15 elevators. A lengthy breakdown would meet with an instant outcry from these quality-conscious home-owners.

Sutee Sopajaree keeps Bangkok’s wheels greased
Sutee Sopajaree keeps Bangkok’s wheels greased

“Before things turn bad, we get in and solve the problem immediately. If I visit the site and find even the slightest problem, I immediately tell the customer and suggest how to solve it,” says Sopajaree, who travels between sites carrying out quality and maintenance audits. He works a ten-hour day, as certain jobs can only be performed after hours. Rapid spare parts availability is the biggest challenge for Sopajaree’s team. “We’ve solved this problem by storing critical parts in the customer’s building to ensure a quick fix without wasting a single precious moment.”

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