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In an increasingly digitalized world, everything is connected. And with the fast pace of innovation, it’s hard to predict what’s around the corner. KONE DX Class elevators are ready for the future. Thanks to open APIs, our elevators can connect with almost anything. To prove it we asked everyone and anyone to tell us what they'd connect to an elevator if there were no limits to connectivity—with the promise to make the winning idea happen in real life. The winning idea came from Hugo Hermant, who was inspired by the thought of making life easier for people in the retirement home where he works. Could connectivity help wheelchair users move through buildings more seamlessly? We worked with Paralympian gold-medalist Leo-Pekka Tähti to find out. Watch the video to see how the experiment went!


Our voters loved these top three ideas – and we love them too! They explore the inspiring possibilities that limitless connectivity could bring to our future spaces. Check out all of the ideas submitted during the competition.

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Urbanization and digitalization are transforming the way we live, work and move in cities. This podcast explores how we can innovate to improve urban flow and create smarter, more sustainable cities of tomorrow.


Connected Cities: Inclusive Technology

How can we make our cities more inclusive? This episode explores how technology can improve urban design through accessible technology and features discussions with Ilkka Pirttimaa from BlindSquare, Holger Dieterich from SozialHelden and Mirva Nevalainen from KONE. Subscribe and listen on: Spotify, Google Podcasts, SoundCloud or Apple Podcasts.


Connected Cities: The Robot Helper

Essential services keep our cities running smoothly. But with fast-paced urbanization, will our services be able to keep up with the growing demand? This episode explores how robots can help, featuring discussions with Oliver Stahl from Robotise, Kaisa Spilling from Forum Virium and Crystal Hu from Gaussian Robotics. Subscribe and listen on: Spotify, Google Podcasts, SoundCloud or Apple Podcasts.


Connected Cities: Predicted Trends

Sam Hughes is joined by Anders Sörman-Nilsson, a leading futurist and the founder of the think tank Thinque, to discuss how innovations in the digital world could transform our physical spaces. Subscribe and listen on: Spotify, Google Podcasts,  SoundCloud or Apple Podcasts.

Experience the new KONE DX Class elevators

Experience the new KONE DX Class elevators

KONE DX Class elevators redefine the elevator experience with connectivity that opens a world of opportunities. They enable intelligent solutions that make life more convenient and inspiring.

Would you like to join our ecosystem and innovate with us?

Would you like to join our ecosystem and innovate with us?

At KONE, we work with many companies and organizations, across different industries, to develop and co-innovate new experiences for our customers. By working with others, we can help speed up innovation. Find out how we collaborate with our ecosystem.

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