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KONE has two share classes: A and B. Only B-class shares are listed on the OMX Helsinki Stock Exchange. The total number of shares can be found below.

Voting Rights
Each KONE class A share is assigned one vote, as is each block of 10 class B shares, with the proviso that each shareholder is entitled to at least one vote.

Dividend Policy
KONE has not adopted a specific dividend policy. In the case of dividend distribution, the dividend paid on the class B share is higher than that on the class A share. The difference between the dividends is at minimum one (1) percent and at maximum two-and-a-half (2.5) percent, calculated from the accounting par value of the share. The accounting par value of the share is EUR 0.125.

Number of Shares
Class A76,208,712
Class B451,865,682