Our expertise and solutions can help your building achieve BREEAM green building certification

Next-generation green building with KONE and BREEAM

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is an internationally recognized green building rating system developed by Building Research Establishment (BRE).

BREEAM helps building developers, owners, and operators manage and mitigate risk through demonstrating sustainability performance during planning, design, construction, operation, or refurbishment.

KONE supports you with achieving BREEAM International NC 2016 credits by:

  • Helping to cut on-site energy consumption and building carbon footprint with in-depth analysis of traffic patterns and the energy consumption and potential carbon footprint reduction of our solutions over their operational lifespan
  • Helping you to meet BREEAM prerequisites and supplying solutions that contribute to achieving BREEAM credits

We also support you with other BREEAM schemes and versions.

ENE06: Energy efficient transport systems – ONE CREDIT

One credit is achieved when all assessment criteria are fulfilled

Conduct an analysis of the transport demand for the building to determine the optimum number and size of lifts, escalators and moving walksKONE can provide a dedicated traffic analysis report using its people flow expertise and tools
Estimate the energy consumption of the design elevator, escalator and moving walks in accordance with ISO 25745 Energy performance of lifts, escalators and moving walks, comparing the designed solution with another system fitted for purposeKONE can provide energy-efficiency calculations in accordance with ISO 25745 methodology
Consider the use of regenerative drive in case where it produces an energy saving greater than the additional standby energy used to support the drivesKONE can provide evidence of the potential energy savings enabled by the regenerative drive
Specify the elevator with the lowest energy consumptionKONE can provide an energy-efficiency report for its solutions

ENE06: Energy efficient transport systems – TWO CREDITS

Once the first credit has been achieved, two further credits can be achieved by fulfilling all the additional criteria for energy-efficient features


• Adopt standby solutions for example for the lifts car lighting, user displays and ventilation fans
• Adopt car lighting and display lighting providing an average lamp efficacy (across all fittings in the car) of > 55 lamp lumens/circuit watt
• Adopt a drive with variable speed, variable voltage, and variable frequency
• Adopt a regenerative drive
KONE can provide technical information for:
• Standby solutions
• Car lighting lamp efficacy - standby mode
• Drive
• Energy saving enabled by the regenerative drive



Each escalator or moving walk complies with at least one of the following:
• It is fitted with a load sensing device that synchronizes motor output to passenger demand through a variable speed drive.
• It is fitted with a passenger sensing device for automated operation (auto walk), so the escalator operates in standby mode when there is no passenger demand.
KONE escalators feature a variety of operational modes, including an automated standby mode for when there is no passenger demand. Standby operation reduces energy consumption and extends the operational lifespan of the equipment.

Energy and atmosphere

HEA02Indoor air qualityMaterials containing asbestos are prohibited. Listed product types need to meet the emission limits (for formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds and carcinogens), testing and additional requirements.KONE can support customers in selecting compliant finishing materials for the elevator car and provide evidence that the materials selected comply with technical requirements
HEA06AccessibilityAdopt minimum car dimensions to guarantee accessibility to all types of users, including persons with disabilities or with reduced mobility.KONE can deliver an elevator car that fulfills accessibility requirements.
MAT01Life cycle impactsSpecify materials with a low environmental impact over the full life cycle.KONE Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) provide information about the environmental performance of KONE solutions throughout their life cycle. Third-party verification is available for a limited number of solutions. KONE EPDs that are compliant with ISO 14025 and EN 15804 can be used to achieve life cycle impact (LCA) credits. KONE's LCA calculation tool is also verified against BREEAM requirements.
MAT03Responsible sourcing of construction productsAll timber and timber-based products used in the project are legally harvested and traded.KONE can support customers in selecting compliant wood-based finishing materials for the elevator car and provide evidence that the materials selected comply with technical requirements.
MAT05Designing for durability and resilienceAdopt adequate protection of exposed elements of the building and landscape, therefore minimizing the frequency of replacement and maximizing materials optimization.KONE can provide materials for the elevator car that meet durability and resilience requirements.
MAN04Commissioning and handoverEnsure users' awareness regarding the 'green features' of their building and how to interface with them.KONE can provide user guides for its solutions.
WST01Construction waste managementReduce waste generation and encourage its diversion from landfills through good design and construction practices.KONE can fulfill the requirements of the Construction Waste Management plan established for the project. KONE also has its own set of guidelines for waste handling and recycling at installation sites.
INN01InnovationThe innovation category provides opportunities for exemplary performance and innovative products and processes to be recognized that are not included within, or go beyond the requirements of the credit criteria.KONE can provide expertise and documentation about our innovative people flow solutions to support customers seeking to obtain innovation credits.

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