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For students and recent graduates, KONE presents a plethora of opportunities ranging from thesis work to trainee positions and entry-level jobs. Within our multicultural workplace, you'll acquire invaluable experience recognized globally. Moreover, our International Trainee Program provides a platform to gain international exposure and broaden your horizons. Join us and embark on a journey of professional growth and global impact.

KONE International Trainee Program

Our International Trainee Program (ITP) is for university students who are at least halfway through their studies and serves as an excellent stepping-stone to a career at KONE.

Internships and entry-level opportunities

Find out more about the opportunity for Internships and final thesis work assignments, a great way to begin work and a potential career at KONE.

Partnerships with educational institutions

We are proud to work with educational institutions, universities as well as management and business schools, in sharing and developing an exciting and diverse range of projects.

KONE International Trainee Program


Prerequisites for internships

The KONE International Trainee Program (ITP) caters to university students who have completed at least half of their studies. Proficiency in English is a prerequisite for participating in the International Trainee Program. Additionally, familiarity with the language of the host country is often advantageous.

Throughout the program, you'll encounter stimulating challenges and gain insight into KONE as a global entity. The ITP serves as an exceptional gateway to a fulfilling career at KONE.

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Practical arrangements

Internships typically span from three to six months and start between April and June. As an ITP participant, we cover your round-trip travel expenses to the host country and provide a trainee salary. The local KONE unit will assist in arranging your accommodations and appoint a contact person for your support needs. However, it's the trainee's responsibility to secure personal insurance, as well as any necessary residence and work permits, before departure

Internships and entry-level opportunities

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Traineeships and thesis work

We extend numerous local internship opportunities to students across various KONE units worldwide. Internships serve as an excellent entry point into a career at KONE, presenting captivating challenges and avenues for growth. Reach out to your nearest KONE office to explore the trainee opportunities available in your country.

Engaging in final thesis work assignments offers a fantastic means to familiarize yourself with KONE before graduation. Through this collaboration, you gain valuable insight and experience, while we benefit from fresh perspectives and knowledge.

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Start a career

We offer a diverse array of opportunities for recent graduates at KONE, coupled with comprehensive induction and training programs to complement your academic background. You'll dive into real projects from day one, collaborating with seasoned colleagues to hone your skills.

As an innovative company, we highly value fresh ideas and unconventional thinking. We seek individuals who are driven to learn and grow. If you're looking for stimulating and challenging roles and aspire to contribute new ideas to our organization, KONE is the perfect place for you.

Some examples of entry-level positions include Customer Service Engineer, Project Engineer, Sales Engineer, Design Engineer, Assistant Controller, Marketing Assistant, HR Analyst, and Business Analyst. Join us and embark on a journey filled with rewarding opportunities and meaningful contributions.

Partnerships with educational institutions

We work actively with educational institutions to share and develop competence through research work, traineeships, thesis projects and other business projects. Local KONE units also participate in local career fairs and other student events at our partner schools.

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Partnerships with world-class universities

We've established strong connections with top-tier technology and business faculties across renowned universities and student organizations. KONE stands as a corporate partner of CEMS (the Global Alliance in Management Education), a prestigious consortium consisting of 26 esteemed academic institutions. Through the collaborative efforts of leading universities and corporations, CEMS is committed to nurturing and equipping future generations for success in international business.

In our pursuit of management development, we collaborate with management and business schools to cultivate strategic thinking and other essential leadership competencies. Moreover, for upper-level management development, we engage in partnerships with institutions like IMD Business School in Switzerland.

Join us and be part of a network dedicated to fostering excellence and innovation in business and management.

Check out the exciting job opportunities we offer in different countries!

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