Working with a broader ecosystem to create the best people flow experience

At KONE, we work with many companies and organizations, across different industries, to develop and co-innovate new experiences for our customers. The KONE Digital Platform is at the heart of connectivity and innovation for digital products and services, providing real-time data from equipment, People Flow solutions and KONE enterprise applications. API integration possibilities provide an opportunity to work together with other companies to create new services.

In 2021, KONE announced an agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud offering. AWS provides KONE with global cloud capabilities such as Internet of Things (IoT) and analytics. This means that the KONE digital platform and solutions, such as API Services and 24/7 Connected Services, are built on top of AWS services. Examples of used services include that devices are managed via AWS IoT Device Management, the data is securely streamed via AWS IoT Core, and processed for example with AWS Lambda functions among other related services. The companies will also innovate together to develop new technologies that further strengthen the scalability and performance of KONE’s connected services and solutions.


API services and the KONE API ecosystem

If you are an app developer who would like to create innovative solutions using KONE Application Programming Interface (API) services, check out our open API portal where a selection of APIs, use cases, data, and features available are published.

KONE’s global partner ecosystem currently consists of the following companies: BlindSquare, Robotise, iLOQ, Systam, Gaussian Robotics, SINE, TimeTec, G Element, SmartenSpaces, Habitap, Comfy/Siemens, and Schneider Engage.

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People walking and taking escalators and elevator at a busy metro station.

More possibilities to partner with us

More possibilities to partner with us KONE's 'The Flow of Urban Life' ecosystem develops smooth and sustainable services and solutions for the next 1 billion people moving into cities by 2030, helping to ease some of the major challenges caused by urbanization and climate change.

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