KONE’s customer commitment and excellent performance help Schiphol Group achieve its strategic objectives.


Schiphol Group has a clear vision: improve customer experience at their airports while at the same time reduce life-cycle costs. This is a challenge requiring top contractors. Schiphol Group selected KONE as its key maintenance provider for all Schiphol airports in the Netherlands, including Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the fourth largest in Europe. In 2005, KONE began servicing third-party equipment in addition to its own elevators at Schiphol Airport. After moving to a 24/7 year-round service model, KONE took over the entire equipment portfolio at the airport becoming the single service provider for elevators, escalators, doors, baggage systems and more. Service performance is evidence of the commitment. Reliable operation of equipment is crucial for airports where any disruption in traffic flows can have a major impact on the entire airport. An on-site team that has extensive knowledge of all installations means KONE can get service personnel and materials to the right location in no time. “We can be anywhere in the airport within 30 minutes,” emphasizes Michiel Bos, Schiphol Account Manager at KONE.

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Fast facts

  • 45 million passengers yearly, 123,300 passengers daily
  • Land area: 11.2 square kilometres

KONE solutions

  • KONE Care™ Maintenance Service
  • Over 1180 installations maintained, including:
  • 180 elevators
  • 56 escalators
  • 87 autowalks
  • 857 doors
  • Other customer-specific solutions
  • To take full control and responsibility of all equipment installations as opposed to being a basic maintenance provider handling service
  • 24/7 first and second line call out support on site for all types of equipment, and when needed, off-site second line support for equipment other than elevators and escalators
  • Complete open book policy with customer with regular short and long-term planning
  • Single line of communication to Schiphol management through account management structure with tightly integrated site manager and project leaders

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