Join the KONE “Veturi” ecosystem

Join the KONE “Veturi” ecosystem

Join the KONE “Veturi” ecosystem

Our mission

The mission of The Flow of Urban Life ecosystem is to develop smooth and sustainable services and solutions for the next 1 billion people moving into cities by 2030, helping to ease some of the major challenges caused by urbanization and climate change.

To achieve this, we are teaming up with partners who also play a part in how people flow through cities. The goal is to generate new business worth 1 billion euros for the ecosystem partners and for KONE.

The program is co-funded by Business Finland as part of their ‘Veturi’ initiative where international companies are invited to solve some of society's most pressing challenges through increased research, development, and innovation investments in Finland.

Our focus areas

Research and development in The Flow of Urban Life program is focused around producing new ground-breaking technologies and smart business concepts. Co-innovation with ecosystem partners is divided into the following focus areas:


Innovations for sustainability

We look for new innovative concepts and designs to enable more sustainable solutions, behaviors, and operations in people flow. Examples of areas of interest include energy efficiency, materials, health and wellbeing, and inclusive buildings.


Smart construction

We want to find solutions for higher productivity, quality, and safety in construction processes together with lower environmental impact and increased sustainability, fitness-for-use, and resilience in the built environment.

Woman using KONE destination touchscreen.

Smart buildings and cities

Our goal is to improve efficiency, sustainability, flexibility, and citizen experience. We look for solutions for smart buildings, such as offices and multiuse buildings, public spaces, and smart infra hubs such as metro stations. These utilize, for example, people-flow data, energy-management systems, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Smart and green field services

Together we can create solutions to support lifecycle-based approach - rethinking the way we maintain and operate buildings. These solutions may be linked among others to the secure use of IoT and AI to support preventive maintenance and to reduce the need for maintenance visits.

A happy girl running at the airport with her parents and an autowalk at the background – KONE autowalk, KONE escalator.

Learn more

Learn more about the program in our ecosystem roadmap.

Become our ecosystem partner

The Flow of Urban Life ecosystem is an opportunity for:

  • creating new business opportunities;
  • finding innovation and collaboration partners;
  • identifying possibilities for strategic partnerships in global delivery networks;
  • networking and brainstorming with other visionaries who share the mission of building a more sustainable urban future;
  • visibility and opportunities to engage in projects between companies, and projects between companies, universities, and other research institutes.

For partners in Finland, the ecosystem enables:

  • access to Business Finland’s Veturi funding scheme (instruments), which comprises funding for both the leading Veturi companies and to partners who join the ecosystem.

For non-Finnish partners, the ecosystem offers an opportunity to:

  • network and collaborate with Finnish innovation value networks.

Interested in becoming our ecosystem partner?

With any general questions, please contact us by mail:

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