We promote three different elements of total reward


These form the foundation of our rewards offering and are received on a regular basis. Examples: base pay, allowances and employee benefits.


These are additional reward elements that are influenced by your performance. Examples: performance based pay and recognition awards.


We offer a variety of experiences that help our employees achieve their career and personal goals and enable them to live a healthy and balanced life. Examples: career development, well-being, flexible working practices and performance management.


Our goal is to have the best possible professionals with the right competencies in each position. This is emphasized by organizing discussions between an employee and their manager at least twice a year, on employee well-being, career development and variety of growth opportunities.

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Career development

Join our team at KONE and unlock a multitude of career development pathways. From lateral shifts to embracing more demanding roles within our organization, we offer diverse opportunities for professional growth. At KONE, we prioritize job rotation, with all open positions posted internally, enabling employees to explore endless possibilities.

Our dynamic business environment fosters continuous change and positive development, providing avenues for learning and advancement, even within current roles. Additionally, we prioritize employee development through mentoring opportunities within KONE and participation in cross-company mentoring programs. Join us and take charge of your career journey with KONE.


Learning opportunities

We provide comprehensive learning programs that encompass a diverse array of professional skills. These programs are strategically crafted to reinforce common operating models, foster collaboration, facilitate cross-cultural knowledge exchange, and nurture the growth of both current and aspiring managers. Our curriculum spans a wide spectrum of topics, ranging from project management and professional skills to technical expertise and sales training.

Committed to nurturing leadership excellence, we diligently review and plan succession for our leadership teams on a regular basis. Moreover, we are dedicated to investing in the development of future leaders within our organization, ensuring a robust pipeline of talent for sustained growth and success. Join us at KONE and embark on a journey of continuous learning and leadership advancement.

What does well-being mean for KONE

At KONE, we prioritize employee well-being, which encompasses physical, mental, and social health within the context of work-life balance. We empower employees to achieve balance in both their professional and personal lives, by advocating for flexible working arrangements that align with our business objectives. Our Elevate Your Health programs represent a visible commitment to well-being at KONE. Designed to enhance well-being across our organization, the programs are structured around three fundamental pillars.

Be aware

Enhancing well-being starts with understanding your current health status.

Be active

Discover personalized approaches to maintaining your well-being.

Be responsible

Establish achievable goals to guide your journey toward improved well-being.

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