When moving in and between buildings, even the smallest changes can greatly improve convenience.

For instance, increased elevator cabin size improves building access for people with baby strollers and those using wheelchairs. For elderly and disabled passengers, elevators equipped with seats increase comfort. Automatic doors that stay open longer and elevators with accurate leveling make entry and exit easier and safer. For wheelchair users, mirrors provide better visibility, and help back out of elevators safely.

As populations age, demand for accessible, safe and convenient People Flow® solutions increase. Cities, including buildings and transportation hubs, need to be designed and built in a way that enables elderly persons to move around easily. Through our elevator solutions we also have the opportunity to help improve accessibility for people with impaired mobility. Our solutions also help users with their daily lives, for example families with baby carriages or residents returning home after grocery shopping.

Man in yellow T-shirt sitting among plants on a urban roof garden in the sunshine.

KONE Sustainability Report

KONE publishes a sustainability report annually.

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