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Creating the best people flow experience with our partners

In today’s world nobody can innovate alone – true innovation happens in collaboration.​ By working together with innovative partners, KONE is looking to take the experience of moving people and goods in and between through a buildings into a whole new level.


KONE is working with innovative companies in fields ranging from artificial intelligence to robotics to music, to start forming a dynamic partner ecosystem. The ecosystem’s common goal is to create the best possible experience for the different types of people moving in and between buildings.

Furthermore, in order to provide solutions to a bigger and broader range of problems our customers face and to create more advanced services for our customers, we take an open approach to share our digital resources, equipment, and data with our customers and 3rd parties. With KONE API (Application Programming Interface) services and KONE digital platform, our customers also can, for example, connect the elevators and other equipment or related data into their already existing solutions or into solutions they are about to build or purchase. They enable connecting different systems together seamlessly and effortlessly. KONE’s collaboration with BlindSquare is a great example of this: boosting building accessibility for persons who are blind or visually impaired by helping them ride elevators safely. Our partner ecosystem is growing all the time, bringing new smart-building solutions for everything from accessibility and parking to entertainment and security – all of which can be easily integrated with KONE People Flow solutions and KONE smart elevators. ​ Read more.

For any app developers who would like to create innovative solutions using KONE API services, check out our open API portal where a selection of APIs, use cases, data and features available are published.

KONE’s global partner ecosystem currently consists of the following companies: BlindSquare, Savioke, Robotise, iLOQ, Systam, SoundTrack Your Brand, Amazon Alexa, Gaussian Robotics, SINE, TimeTec, G Element, SmartenSpaces, Habitap, Comfy / Siemens, Schneider Engage.

Case: Connected elevators boost accessibility for people who are blind or partially sighted

Navigating an unfamiliar building can be a daunting experience for anyone. For someone who is blind, it can be truly confusing. At a vocational training center in Germany, the integration of the KONE elevator and BlindSquare accessible navigation app through an Elevator Call API enables students to call an elevator and go directly to their floor via guidance prompts, making their everyday journey safer. Read more.


About Blindsquare: Since 2012 BlindSquare has provided leadership and innovation with award-winning waypoint navigation information to persons who are Blind, DeafBlind, or Partially-sighted. BlindSquare has over 60,000 users, spanning 2300+ cities within 180+ countries. BlindSquare is known for its integrations, providing ever-expanding access to information and journey-aids, replacing darkness with information.

Case: KONE and Savioke's collaboration to provide service robots for the hospitality industry.

The robots are coming, and they are here to serve you. The Savioke Relay is being deployed in hotels around the world, where it autonomously delivers items to guest rooms. Guests can order snacks, coffee, toiletries, or anything a hotel offers. The chirping robot has an internal map of the building so it knows where to go, and it uses radar technology called LIDAR to move through crowds of people. The robots use KONE elevators to navigate the route all the way to the room door. Read more.


About Savioke: Savioke is the leader in developing and deploying peer-to-peer robots that work in human environments to improve people’s lives. The company’s flagship product, Relay, is a beautifully simple yet sophisticated delivery robot that increases productivity, revenue, and delight for people across a range of markets, industries, and applications.

Interested in becoming a part of KONE's partner ecosystem? Contact us!

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