Reimagining the office for future of work

How can the office stay relevant in the future?

How can the office stay relevant in the future?

It’s time to reimagine the office as a service and innovation platform that’s fit for the future of work. To empower this transformation, KONE, Accenture, and AWS have come together to envision how and where work will be done in the future. In this vision paper, you’ll learn how the office can become a place that offers new opportunities for employees, employers, building owners, and managers. Download your copy now!

Office experience fit for the future of work

“The office will evolve from being just another physical space to an active and attractive resource.”

The history of the office is one of evolution, successfully adapting to changes and technological advances. Today, fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic, the office needs to be reinvented. Work-from-anywhere has become mainstream and hybrid models emerge as the future of work, but the fundamentally human need for face-to-face interactions will remain.

Going to the office should be an irresistible, but highly efficient and sustainable experience. For the employers (tenants), the office will be a space designed to activate branding, encourage innovation and co-creation, and help company culture come to life while providing flexibility to scale. Building owners and managers will see new business opportunities that will increase sustainability and help them to tap into lucrative revenue streams beyond the concept of selling space.

This requires a new operational model and mindset shift.

Get inspired by the reimagined office. Download the free vision paper (.pdf) here.

In the future office, technology enables user-centricity

The reimagined office must meet the demands of the future of work, and the needs of different stakeholders. For this to happen, it will be driven by human behavior and experience more than before.

Reimagining the Office envisions how the office can be transformed into a place that offers new opportunities for employees, employers (tenants), building owners, and managers. It’s not founded on passing trends, but on lasting shifts that are expected to prevail in the post-pandemic world: the transition from a fixed office location to multiple workplaces; prioritization of employee well-being, safety, and security; increasing utilization of solutions that promote sustainability; and increasing adoption of digital tools and ways of working.

Responding to these shifts requires a vision that uses technology to predict needs even before they are recognized – and then finding ways to meet them.

Together, KONE, Accenture and Amazon Web Services offer four ways in which the reimagined office will be brought to life. Are you ready to discover an office that’s fit for the future of work?

Learn how to future-proof the office: Download the vision paper

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