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KONE Introduces the World’s Flattest Technology for Autowalks – First InnoTrack™ Units to Be Installed at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Press Release Published 26/10/2006

KONE has developed the world’s flattest autowalk technology, which makes designing locations for and installing autowalks considerably easier.

Due to the innovative pallet return mechanism and a new kind of motor solution, each KONE InnoTrack™ autowalk is so flat that, unlike conventional solutions, it can be installed entirely on the floor level.

The first six KONE InnoTrack™ autowalks will be installed in Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, one of the world’s most modern airports with advanced systems for efficient people flow management. The new autowalks will be installed in the expanded terminal B in April 2007.

"KONE InnoTrack™ is a breakthrough innovation in the escalator business. The modular-based flat technology platform and the reinstallation possibility enable the use of InnoTracks also in buildings and premises in which autowalks have not been used before. An InnoTrack can be installed without changes in the floor structure, which enables the easy installation of InnoTracks in both existing and new buildings. These features make InnoTrack a solution for a wide range of different locations and premises with a need for efficient traffic flow," says Heikki Leppänen, EVP, New Elevators and Escalators.

Autowalks utilizing the KONE InnoTrack™ technology weigh significantly less than conventional autowalks. As a result of their modular design, they can be delivered to the installation site in parts. Moreover, the installation method makes it possible to easily alter the size and location of each autowalk, giving greater lifetime flexibility. The new technology will allow more efficient and flexible use of space, and will give greater architectural freedom in designing buildings. Due to its flat and light structure, a KONE InnoTrack™ autowalk can also be installed in upper floors of existing buildings without changes in the floor structure.

The distinguishing features of the new KONE InnoTrack™ autowalk technology are that the pallets arriving at the end of the autowalk are lowered to return tracks placed just under the walking level, and that the motor is located inside the autowalk balustrade. In contrast, the motor, drive system and pallet return tracks of conventional autowalks are located in a pit up to one meter below the floor level.

Due to these new properties, the KONE InnoTrack™ autowalk reduces architectural design and installation costs. The savings in the planning and installation phase can even exceed the acquisition cost of the autowalk. The equipment's optimized maintenance program also minimizes stoppages and ensures reliable operation throughout its lifetime.

KONE InnoTrack™ is environmentally friendly because of its oil-free drive system and pallet chain and the fact that it uses significantly less material than traditional solutions. The new technology utilizes the KONE PowerDisc™ machinery, which has proven itself as a reliable and energy-efficient solution in KONE's elevators.

Autowalks are mainly used for heavy-duty transportation needs at airports, railway stations, commercial buildings and other crossover points between different forms of public transportation.

The new order strengthens KONE’s long-term and successful collaboration with Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, which dates back to the early 1960s.


KONE Corporation

Heikki Leppänen
Executive Vice President,
New Elevators and Escalators

Minna Mars
Senior Vice President,
Corporate Communications & IR

For further information, please contact:
Matti Hyytiäinen, SVP, New Escalators, tel. +358 20475 4770

Web Cast and Conference Call

A live web cast and conference call of the press event, conducted in English, can be followed on the company website www.kone.com/innotrack at 12:00 p.m. CET.

For more information about the KONE InnoTrack™ technology please visit www.kone.com/innotrack.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol served 44.2 million passengers and handled over 1.4 million tonnes of cargo in 2005, ranking as Europe's fourth-largest passenger and third-largest cargo airport. Around 90 scheduled airlines operate flight services from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to some 250 destinations worldwide. The airport thus ranks as one of Europe’s four major hubs. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is a major driver of the regional Dutch economy generating on-airport jobs for 58,000 people as of the end of October 2005.

KONE is one of the world’s leading elevator and escalator companies. It provides its customers with industry-leading elevators and escalators and innovative solutions for their maintenance and modernization. KONE also provides maintenance of automatic building doors. In 2005, KONE had annual net sales of EUR 3.2 billion and about 27,000 employees. Its class B shares are listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange.


2006-10-26 KONE Introduces the World’s Flattest Technology for Autowalks – First InnoTrack™ Units to Be Installed at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

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