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This privacy statement describes on general level how KONE Corporation and its affiliates (“KONE”) manage your personal data in relation to KONE Remote Call™ service provided to you in the building where you live, work or which you visit (the “Building”).

1. Collected data and sources of data

Following information is collected always when you start using the KONE Remote Call™ service with your mobile device, and create your user account:

  • e-mail, password, device serial number

Furthermore, following information may be collected to enable your use of the services in a specific Building (and stored locally in the Building server):

  • name, granted use and access permissions

You will give following information by yourself through the mobile application:

  • Elevator calls (i.e. from which floor you are leaving and to which floor you want to arrive)

This data is collected only briefly to enable the elevator call and will not be stored.

The above described personal information is later in this privacy statement referred to as “personal data” and the individuals, whose personal data is processed, are referred to as “data subjects.

Besides the above described personal data, KONE also collects anonymous analytics data that is automatically generated when using the mobile application. Such data includes e.g. device description, model and operating system of the mobile device and application usage data (e.g. average use time, most popular functionalities).

2. The purposes of the processing

Processing of personal data by KONE is based on KONE’s legitimate interests related to the purposes defined below. Processing of personal data is necessary for you to be able to use the KONE Remote Call service. If you do not approve of the collection and use of personal data for purposes described herein, or if you request KONE to stop the processing of your personal data or delete your personal data, you may not be able to use all KONE Remote Call service anymore.

The purpose of collecting and processing of the personal data is to be able to provide the mobile application and KONE Remote Call services to your use in the Building. This includes enabling the functioning of the service; analyzing and correcting any possible defects in the service or KONE equipment; and monitoring and ensuring the security of the service and KONE equipment. KONE may furthermore process personal data for analysis of how the service is being used. KONE may use the (anonymous) results of such analysis to enable product and service development. KONE may, as allowed by applicable national laws, use personal data for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims.

KONE strives to anonymize or pseudonymize your personal data before processing it when it is, considering the purposes of use, possible with reasonable efforts and especially when data is used for analytics purposes.

3. Transfers of personal data

KONE may use reliable subcontractors’ services for personal data processing. To the extent such subcontractors have access to personal data or host personal data, KONE shall conclude with the subcontractors a personal data processing agreement, which ensures sufficient protection, security and confidentiality of personal data and limits the subcontractors right to use personal data only to the purposes defined in this privacy statement.

KONE may transfer personal data between the KONE group companies (as allowed by applicable legislation).

Your personal data may be disclosed to public authorities in situations where the applicable local law explicitly demands and allows such disclosure.

4. Retention period of the personal data

KONE will store your user account until you inform KONE that you wish to stop using the KONE Remote Call services and ask KONE to delete your data, or KONE otherwise can verify you have ceased to use the KONE Remote Call services (e.g. the Building owner or manager informs KONE that you no longer use the services). However, KONE or the Building owner or manager may delete the user account or specific access permissions already earlier if you are no longer allowed to access the Building or the Remote Call service is no longer in use in the Building. Please note that if KONE is no longer a service provider in the Building, KONE cannot delete the data stored locally in the Building. To do this, you need to contact the Building owner or Manager.

5. Data subjects’ rights

You have a right to review the personal data collected on you, right to have incorrect personal data corrected and right to request deletion of personal data, right to object processing based on a specific individual circumstance and right to request data portability. You may use some of these rights through the mobile application. If this is not possible, you may use these rights by contacting the Building owner or manager or KONE:

KONE Corporation
KONE Building
Keilasatama 3,
02150 Espoo, FINLAND
Telephone: +358 204 751
Attention: Data Privacy Counsel, Legal Affairs, personaldatarequest@kone.com

In the event you have concerns or remarks regarding legality of personal data processing, you may lodge a complaint with a competent local data protection supervisory authority.

KONE Remote Call privacy statement

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