Maintenance and modernization

Maintenance and modernization

KONE Maintenance

Maintenance and modernization

KONE offers a wide range of maintenance and modernization solutions to keep your equipment running smoothly for years to come. We offer care for a lifetime from trusted experts who are available whenever you need transparent advice and clear solutions to keep things moving in your building.

KONE maintenance service worker conversing with client outside next to KONE maintenance van.

Maintenance powered by digital technology​

Keep your entire equipment portfolio running smoothly with expert maintenance for elevators, escalators and automatic doors from any manufacturer. Have you tried predictive maintenance? We offer innovative AI-based data analytics technology that can anticipate maintenance needs for less downtime and longer equipment lifetime.

Modernization solutions

Tailored modernization solutions for every stage of your building lifecycle

KONE modernization solutions help you improve your building people flow, visual appearance, energy efficiency, and safety. To meet your specific needs, we have tailored modernization solutions for your elevators and escalators.

Man carrying a child while in elevator - KONE

Elevator modernization

Future-proof your building so that it's ready to adapt quickly and effectively to the changing needs of your future tenants.

Two women in an escalator going down in a mall - KONE

Escalator modernization

Make your escalator more energy efficient, reliable and safe with a design that complements your building.

Digital solutions

Find new ways to optimize your people flow

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Company culture

We have a strong commitment to quality, safety and energy-efficiency

Maintenance technician working on cables of an elevator - KONE

Quality focus at KONE

We made sure that quality is always a key aspect of our culture.

Mother adjusting child's jacket inside an elevator - KONE

Safety is in our culture

It is our strong belief that all accidents are preventable.

People moving around outside a building - KONE

Energy-efficient solutions

KONE is a pioneer in developing energy-efficient solutions that make a difference.

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