Carbon compensation at KONE

Carbon compensation at KONE

Carbon compensation at KONE

Our approach

We compensate the carbon emissions until the handover of selected KONE DX Class elevators as well as the emissions generated by KONE Care™ DX maintenance. In addition, after active emission reduction at all our manufacturing units, we also compensate their remaining carbon emissions to achieve the carbon neutral manufacturing units globally. To do this, we have partnered with South Pole.

The carbon offsetting projects we support are all Gold Standard® certified. In addition to having a positive climate effect, the projects support at least three of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals providing social and environmental benefits to local communities.

How does carbon compensation work

Calculate and verify

We calculate the amount of carbon emissions to be compensated. The calculations are verified by a third party.

Purchase credits

KONE buys carbon credits from South Pole every quarter.

Register with a third-party

Gold Standard registers purchased credits.

Carbon compensation at KONE

  • Learn about the South Pole carbon offset program

  • KONE’s compensations can be viewed on Gold Standard’s registry

Carbon compensation at KONE

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