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Everything in our cities has been designed by someone for someone. The question is, has it been designed for you?

Architect Le Corbusier believed that a uniform standard for the height of human beings would improve the appearance and function of architecture. But when all humans are not the exact same shape and size, whose scale should we be working to?

In this episode of our podcast, Sam Hughes talks to Hanna Harris, Helsinki's Chief Design Officer, and Juha-Matti Kuusinen, Head of Flow Intelligence at KONE, about what it means to design better connected, more inclusive cities that work for everyone.

Looking beyond built-in bias

Hanna Harris' role as Chief Design Officer combines Placemaking with people management and urban design. Her work helps maintain the City of Helsinki's position as a global benchmark for contemporary city planning and forward-thinking architecture. Taking into account both the everyday lives of citizens, and wider global problems, Hanna faces complex challenges in both the short and long term. Armed with a host of modern planning techniques and years of experience using design as a strategic tool, she works alongside her team to create the best user experience in the most functional city in the world.

"Often people ask: How would you make the voice of the citizens heard? Obviously there are lots of different voices, and they can be contradictory as well... But making sure that you really grasp what you're dealing with, and are ready to challenge your own assumptions about that, is crucial there." Hanna Harris, Chief Design Officer, City of Helsinki

KONE's mission is to improve the flow of urban life. As KONE's Head of Flow Intelligence, Juha-Matti Kuusinen looks at how we can use algorithmic assistance and data to optimise the way people move around inside the buildings we live and work in. By examining the way users interact with our equipment, we can offset potential bias and deliver a better, more inclusive user experience.

"We shouldn't plan either for the minority or the majority, because both are important groups, but it's true that in many cases it's likely that the minority, for example, suffers from the design decisions more." Juha-Matti Kuusinen, Head of Flow Intelligence, KONE

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